MAD featuring “Palace of China – Architecture China 2013” exhibition in Segovia, Spain


The “Palace of China – Architecture China 2013” exhibition opens on September 26th in Segovia, Spain. As the opening exhibition of the HAY Festival, it will stay in the Palacio Quintanar for three months, and givess to visitors an opportunity to learn about Chinese architectural design, social change, and city development.


In this ancient city of Segovia, best known for its well preserved Roman aqueduct, visitors can learn about the new development of contemporary Chinese architecture through the projects being done by Chinese architects. In the biggest exhibition room of the “Architecture China 2013”, MAD displays the works of Shanshui City Research, Absolute Towers, PingTan Museum, China Wood Sculpture Museum, Rome via Boncompagni, and Hutong Bubble 32, which together transfuse an Asiatic touch to this ancient Spanish city. Also on the show is a short film about the “Shanshui City Exhibition” back in May of this year in a Qing dynasty courtyard in Beijing. Those film images, together with Palacio Quintanar, a gallery that is also transformed and reconstructed from a noble residence, form a dramatic scene of conversation between palace and courtyard.




MAD's Shanshui City research project is featured as the cover image of the book published for this exhibition, which is curated by the famous architecture critic Mr. Fang Zhenning. This is the second time that MAD Architects has brought its works and the experiment of “Shanshui CIty” to Spain, the first exhibition being the one at Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid this March.



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