Ma Yansong lectures in Spain and undertake social housing research


In February 2012, Casa Asia and Future Magazine jointly invited Beijing based Ma Yansong to visit Spain and share with locals MAD works and practice. Through visits to Barcelona and Madrid, Ma lectured at the School of Architecture LaSalle and sat in on the final studio review to critique student thesis projects. Ma Yansong met with Madrid Municipal Housing, sharing his ideas on social housing and lifestyle ideals in mass housing today. His open lecture at COAM Foundation attracted attendance from students, architects, and local government officials, all inspired to learn about the Chinese architect and his global practice, MAD. Local media including Ara, La Vanguardia, El Mundo and El Pais have reported on the events, sharing the creative responses and thoughts the locals’ had from Ma’s visit. Ma was also invited as a guest to appear on the local radio program Q!Estudio to share MAD’s ideas on the city, future and their relation to nature.

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