VERTU Pavilion by MAD, launched in Milan


MAD announced the opening of its mobile pavilion designed for VERTU. The traveling exhibition feature will start in Milan, at the historic Palazzo Serbelloni , then to Shanghai, Dubai, Beijing, and London. Each destination will feature the pavilion in new contexts symbolic of the cultures of the cities. The pavilion will impact each setting in an uniquely fascinating way highlighting the diversity of the concept, product and world.

MAD’s concept for Vertu’s Pavilion is to emulate an alien object which has fallen from the sky into each destination city.  The unusually formed object fundamentally alters the exhibition experience by reactivating its context, demanding attention and thus becoming an object of curiosity and amazement.

The traveling pavilion is temporary, yet unique in its construct and spatial state. The alien typology contrasts with the different cultures, urban contexts and spatial typologies, it calls upon inevitable comparisons of the new and old, local and foreign, temporary and permanent, each generating controversy and collisions of value. The Vertu pavilion is established on the concept of heightened experiences of extreme collision, and the effect it offers to the contextual environment it is situated in. Observing Vertu’s pavilion offers a rich visual experience of the never-resting fragmentative residue of collision and reformative processes. Through such a process, the exhibitionist is able to appreciate the travelling pavilion ultimately unique existence.

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Photo by dave benett/getty images

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