MAD Second Solo Exhibition “MAD in China” Opens in DAC Copenhagen


The second European exhibition "MAD in China" of MAD opened on Nov. 3rd, 2007, at Danish Architectural Center (DAC), Copenhagen; the exhibition will last until Jan. 6th, 2008.

Over the past 20 years, China has been known as the "factory to the world." Made in China has become a global symbol, linked with cheap and low quality products. However, in the post-globalization era, the whole world has set its eyes on China, a country that has been advancing rapidly in economy, culture, and art as well as in other realms. The new generation of Chinese architects and the contemporary issues they have addressed also demand more attention, as they are in the middle of creating a multi-layer of social identity, transforming the economical strength and individual dreams into a new kaleidoscope of size, height, space and shape.

The layout of the exhibition does not insist on architecture design, but monitored the social strength and individual interests on MAD works. In this understanding, physical models gathered in one space create an impact of floating Chinese city. The exhibition itself is the snapshot of the diverse reality in China, explored by public dreams and private ambitions. We want to see what happens in this vast-changing background, to represent the realities we were complicit in creating, MAD IN CHINA, as facts, no feats.




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