Ma Yansong won the first China Architecture Design in 21st AWARD


Ma Yansong won the first China Architecture Design in 21st Century Award, as the D21 Young Chinese Architect Award, and D21 Best Chinese Architecture Design (Business Building).


This is the first time Beijing Design set the Architecture Award. Starting from 2011, Beijing Design Week is now part of the A-level Global Design Week festival and is taken as the world's most influential international design activities. The first China Architecture Design in 21st Award aims at "Design Promotes Land Property Value".


Recently the Absolute Towers designed by Ma Yansong was awarded as the world's best new skyscraper of 2012. This time his latest work, Chaoyang Park Project is nominated by the jury. It is a mixed-use office building located south of Chaoyang Park, and has started construction recently. As part of Ma's "Shanshui City" design philosophy, this project takes the shape of Chinese abstract art showing mountains and waterfalls, and searches for a new direction of contemporary urban environment from the traditional. Ma emphasized that this is what he has been developing for the past few years, and it is crucial for Chinese architecture to find its own way as China reaches towards modernism and the international stage.


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