Ma Yansong interviewed by Financial Times on “Conquering the west”


Recently, Ma Yansong was featured in the Design and Architecture section of Arts in the Financial Times. In it Financial Times Interviewer Edwin Heathcote writes:

"It isn’t just Ma’s nationality that marks him out, it’s his age. Most architects barely get to design a house until they’re 40, yet Ma is still only 35 and already his practice, the wonderfully named MAD (the website address is a tongue-in-cheek iMad), is building major structures from Canada and Rome to Harbin."

In the article, Heathcote with Ma discusses the the phenomenon of the starchitect and how Ma has come to be so successful so quickly, as well as the MAD style to how he feels about the Chinese city of the future.

For further reading, check out the full article on Financial Times:

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