A+U Special Issue: MAD RABBIT


MAD Rabbit, a special issue of A+U Magazine, was published in December's issue.

The issue featured a selection of MAD projects at different stages of realization, illustrating the progress MAD has made since the completion of our first built project, 'Hongluo Clubhouse', in 2005. Since then, MAD's work has set out to explore and challenge many different aspects of the social condition in China through architectural design, artwork, exhibitions and publications.

Along with the introductory essay "MAD in China" by Mark Wigley, MAD Rabbit includes the first in a series of dinner conversations that took place in New York in October. This conversation ranged from the social differences evident in the two biggest international events of the year (the Chinese Olympics and the American election), to an understanding of the factors shaping a new generation of creative minds in China.

A+U, the Chinese edition of Architecture and Urbanism, published 6 special issues during 2008. Together, these publications create a topography of contemporary architecture in China today.
Other architects profiled in 2008 include Ma Qingyun, Zhang Lei, Zhu Pei & Wu Tong, Liu Jiakun and Wang Yun.

02_mad rabbit

03_mad rabbit

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