Abitare special issue: Being Ma Yansong


Following six months of travel with Ma Yansong to international projects, lectures and project meetings, Abitare has published "Being Ma Yansong". Now in stores around China, this special issue gives a behind the scenes look at one of China’s most vibrant architecture offices.

Arranged around Ma Yansong’s busy schedule, "Being Ma Yansong" documents an exciting time where MAD’s first large scale projects are close to completion while its international projects start up.

Illustrated with candid photos, new projects and essays, this special issue shows Ma Yansong’s unique perspective on how to make buildings more human and interact with nature, as well as MAD's speculation on traditional architecture and the future of urban planning from interviews with staff and collaborators.

"Being Ma Yansong" is the first Chinese produced special edition of Abitare. Earlier editions from the international version include "Being Norman Foster", "Being Zaha Hadid" and "Being Jean Nouvel".





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