2012 MAD Travel Fellowship winners announced

Since 2009 MAD Architects organized the Travel Fellowship to support talented Chinese students on their architecture education. These student will receive the opportunity to travel abroad to a country of their choosing. This year, we received hundreds of applications from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from cities and towns across China, representing 58 architecture programs. Each of this year's recipients showed an intuitive understanding of the meaning of travel: that first-hand experience of a place is essential to comprehending its full significance.
We would like to give special thanks to VERTU for their continued support and sponsorship of the Travel Fellowship. To date, 15 students have traveled to countries including Greece, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Germany and the United States. This summer 5 more will have this invaluable opportunity, and we look forward to their reports upon their return.

This year's recipients are as follows:


Ren Tianhang, Harbin Institute Of Technology, Undergraduate, Destination: United Kingdom


Jin Siyang, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Undergraduate, Destination: Japan


Pan Hui, School of Architecture Southeast University, Masters, Destination: Egypt


Du Zhexu, School of Architecture Tianjin University, Undergraduate, Destination: Holland


Qin Sizhi, Tsinghua University School of Architecture, Undergraduate, Destination: India

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