2010 MAD Travel Fellowship Results Announced

MAD TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP 2010 has received 172 applications from students in 57 architecture departments/schools in China. In addition to architectural designers, there were many applications from students majoring in environment design, lighting, structural engineering, urban design and historic preservation. After several rounds of review, we have selected the following five students. Each will receive a stipend to travel and study in a destination of their choosing this coming year.


Wang Yan, Central Academy of Fine Art, Year 3, Destination: Japan


Huang Zhonghao, Dalian University of Technology, Masters candidate, Destination: Egypt


Sun Shouquan, Central Academy of Fine Art, Year 4, Destination: USA


Wang Lu, Tianjin University, Year 3, Destination: Switzerland


Chen Xiaoting, Xiamen University, Year 3, Destination: Denmark

Thanks again to all the applicants. We will continue our MAD TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP in 2011.

We give special thanks to VERTU for their support of the MAD TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP for the past two years.

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