Sanya Phoenix Island
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Sanya Phoenix Island

Phoenix Island is located in the center of Sanya city, Hainan Province. It is a man-made island surrounded by the sea. The dimension of the Phoenix island is about 1250-meterlong and 350-meter wide, connected by a bridge of 395-meter with the main island of Sanya.  In 2008, the Olympic torch tour started from Phoenix island.

The site area of this man-made island is about 365,000 sqm and will represent the future of Sanya as the international touring and resorts city. The island itself is a vacation land consisting of a 7-star hotel, 5 boutique apartments, yacht clubhouse, shopping streets and a harbor for international passenger liners. The total building area of the Phoenix Island is about 500,000 sqm and the construction work is completed in 2013.  

Location : Sanya, China
Type : Apartment, Hotel, Commercial Street
Site Area : 365,013 sqm
Building Area : 393,825 sqm
Directors : Ma Yansong, Dang Qun
Design Team : Zhao Wei, Liu Chien Sheng, Ma Ning, RuiXiaolong, Zhang Yihang, Fu Changrui, Zheng Tao
Associate Engineers (Structure & Mechanics)  : Jiang Architects & Engineers
Interior Consultant : FWD Design