MAD Travel Fellowship Concludes First International Edition and Opens Call for 2018 Program

Travel is for exchange – to understand different cultures, people and places. It is important for students to see the world and experience the architecture they have been studying. My hope is that through these cultural exchanges, students will see new things, experience something emotional, and generate new ideas that will help kickstart their architecture careers.” – Ma Yansong

Following the successful 2017 expansion of the “MAD Travel Fellowship” to include international students, MAD officially launches the 2018 global program. This 8th edition will support the travels of five undergraduate / graduate architecture students from across globe so that they can conduct field work and further research into their architecture topics of interest. Ma Yansong will select the candidates who will propose their travel destinations of choice, aligning with their thesis topics. We are now opening the call for applications for the 2018 MAD Travel Fellowship. For more information on how to apply, visit: http://www.i-mad.com/fellowship/

The “MAD Travel Fellowship” was initiated in 2009 by MAD Architects. The program has sponsored 45 students to date, supporting their travels so that they can freely explore the places and spaces that fascinate them, meet with architecture protagonists, and engage in new creative and cultural communities.

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How to apply:

The 2018 “MAD Travel Fellowship” is open to students (undergraduate/graduate) across the globe, who are majoring in architecture, environmental art, landscape architecture or related area of study.

Application Requirements:

You must submit:

1) A 500 word letter of intent outlining:

*Your personal ideas and perspectives on architecture;

*Your proposed travel destination(s), sites of interest, and architects you wish to meet;

*The research topic you will explore.

2) CV (with a profile including personal, education, and contact information)
3) Portfolio that presents a curated selection of your work.

Please submit the above materials as a single 6MB (max.) PDF, in A4 format (both horizontal and vertical layouts are accepted) to: travel@i-mad.com

The naming format of your file (and email subject line) should be:school_major_graduating year_name.pdf.

Application Deadline: June 8th, 2018

Announcement Date: June 13th, 2018

*Students who are selected are required to complete their travels no later than September 2018, and complete and submit academic research articles in October 2018.

MAD_2017 Travel Fellowship Travel Map

For the 2017 edition, the fellowship was extended to include five international students from Costa Rica, Greece, Iran, Italy, and Scotland who travelled to China to explore the deep culture and tradition in architecture and urban planning of the country; while Chinese students travelled abroad. As we kick-off the 2018 program, we look back on the travels of the 2017 MAD Travel Fellows who collectively visited 40+ cities in 10 countries; and through MAD’s assistance, met with famous architects in their studios, including Hermann Hertzberger, Philip Yuan, among others.