MAD Architects featured on “Nikkei Architecture”

MAD Architects is featured on February’s Nikkei Architecture. In the six-page MAD feature spread, Nikkei Architecture introduces MAD’s 12 years of establishment in architectural development and architectural practice, where it can be comparable to today’s top international design firms. Orienting around the “Shanshui City” design philosophy, its concept combined with local and international characteristics, result in a design of the future city.

Nikkei Architects also featured MAD’s innovative work environment, diversity and a number of signature projects such as Absolute Towers, Harbin Opera House, China Philharmonic Hall and Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

For a closer look inside: http://kenplatz.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/bldnad/15/170209/010400018/?ST=smartbuilding