Ma Yansong Speaks at University of Melbourne for “Shanshui City”

On Aug.5th, 2014, Ma Yansong delivered a lecture in the University of Melbourne on "Shanshui City". The lecture was one of the “Dean’s Lecture Series 2014” and was hosted by the faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) of School of Design. Over 500 students, faculties and industry professionals attended the lecture.

Following the philosophy of "Shanshui City", MAD endeavors to create a new balance among society, the city and the environment through new forms of architecture; to reach a perfect combination of city density, functionality and the artistic conception of natural landscape that aims at composing a future city that takes human spirit and emotion at their cores. During the lecture, Mr. Ma shared with the audience his notions and focus on “Shanshui City,” and further elaborated on design conceptions of MAD’s signature works.


 The School of Design of University of Melbourne is among the best design schools in Australia. The ABP is a vibrant community of staff and students whose interests and expertise focus on the built environment.


From Jul.30th to Aug.15th, the 17-day exhibition “Shanshui City” is held in Wunderlich Gallery of University of Melbourne. Projects including the Absolute Towers, Ordos Museum and Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center are showcased on traditional Chinese art scrolls. The Urban Forest and Dalian Jinshitan are also on exhibit.


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