Ma Yansong Gave a Keynote Speech in “Second Annual West Coast Innovation Conference” in Los Angeles

On Apr.30th, Ma Yansong attended the "Second Annual West Coast Innovation Conference" held by Architectural Record, and gave a opening speech about MAD's architecture practice to over 300 audiences.

With "shanshui city" as main thread, Ma shared his inspirations and design philosophy through a series of MAD practices, including Absolute Towers, Huangshan Mountain Village, Harbin Cultural Island. "Some say my work is futuristic. But for me it is reminiscent of the canyon, the desert—something that has been there forever. I want people to experience these buildings and wonder about their place in this long history.”

The "Second Annual West Coast Innovation Conference" was hosted by Architectural Record, with the aim to "put forward a rich variety of approaches to original problem solving in a rapidly changing world and challenged the audience by proposing new ways for considering the practice of architecture."


Image 1: Editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, Cathleen McGuigan and Ma Yansong


Image 2,3: Ma Yansong Giving Keynote Speech "Shanshui City"