Clover House Voted as Winner of “Kindergartens” Category in Architizer A+ Awards

The Clover House was announced to be a winner in the "Kindergartens" category of this year's Architizer A+ Awards, and was specially designated as a "Jury Winner." Out of entries from over 100 countries, the Clover House was selected as a shortlisted project earlier this year, and today was deemed an official winner of its category.


MAD was commissioned by a family in Okazaki to transform their old, two-story family house into a fully-developed educational institution. The transformation started with an investigation of the existing 105 sqm house. Like the surrounding houses, this wooden building was first constructed as a standard prefabricated house. To keep the construction costs to a minimum, MAD decided to recycle the existing wood structure, incorporating it into the new building’s design. The new house’s skin and structure wrap the old wooden structure like a piece of cloth, covering the building’s skeleton, and create a blurry space between "the new" and "the old."

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