ArchDaily Selects Ordos Museum as One of “The 20 Amazing 21st Century Museums”


In honor of International Museum Day, ArchDaily editors selects Ordos Museum as one of The 20 Amazing 21st Century Museums. They think Ordos Museum is one of the twenty fascinating museums well worth visiting.

Influenced by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes, MAD envisioned a mysterious abstract form capable of fostering an alternate, timeless development of Chinese tradition and future. Whilst the surface of this shape functions as a metal container critical to protect the interior from the harsh winters and frequent sand storms of the region, metaphorically this external layer operates as a shield protecting the precious culture and history of the city from the unknown growth of the city.

The museum appears to float over a waving sand hill, enriched with a convergence of naturalistic interiors, bathed in light. The result is a timeless architecture in a modern city of ruins.


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