2017 MAD Travel Fellowship Winners Announced

MAD Architects announces the winners of “2017 MAD Travel Fellowship”. From over 500 global applicants, 5 overseas students will be granted the travel fellowship fund to visit China, while 5 Chinese students will be granted the fund for their overseas traveling.

Recipients for overseas students traveling to China:
1. Roberto Vargas Calvo,from Costa Rica,5th year undergraduate student in Veritas University, Costa Rica

roberto vargas


2. Kyriaki Goti,from Greece,2nd year graduate student in University of Stuttgart, Germany




3. Hossein Goudarzi,from Iran,1st year graduate student in University of New Mexico, USA




4. Federico Fauli,from Italy,2nd year graduate student in Architectural Association, UK

federico fauli



5. Shaun McCallum,Scotland,1st year graduate student in University of Applied Art Vienna, Austria



Recipients for Chinese students of overseas traveling:

1. LI Qiwei, 4th year undergraduate student in Beijing University of Civil engineering and Architecture, China. Travel Destination: Russia, Ukraine



2. WEN Zishen, 2nd year graduate student in Tsinghua University, China. Travel Destination: Germany, Austria, Italy.



3. WU You, 1st year graduate student in Princeton University, USA. Travel Destination: France


4. YI Zhe, 1st year graduate student in Yale University, USA. Travel Destination: Japan



5. WEI Tangchenxi, 2nd year graduate student in Southeast University, China. Travel Destination: Netherlands


Chinese Architect Ma Yangsong initiated MAD Travel Fellowship in 2009. During the past 7 editions the program has sponsored 35 students for their overseas travel. All students went travelling with their research topic and presented their study result after returned. Starting from 2017, the program is updated to international mode. The fund sponsor 5 overseas students for their trip to China, and 5 Chinese students for their overseas traveling. For students wishing to meet with architects they find valuable to their research topics, MAD will help to request the meeting.


The 2017 MAD Travel Fellowship is proudly sponsored by China Express Air