Shanshui City Exhibition at UCCA
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Shanshui City Exhibition at UCCA

Since the Industrial Revolution, history has been marked by over a century of mankind subjugating and transforming nature. Towering concrete skyscrapers serve as monuments to power and capital in contempt of human nature. Today, the North American cities that sprang up during the Modernist period are in decline, while Chinese cities are growing at a breakneck pace, competing to build a faster, taller, more powerful American-style Chinese  Dream.

The future development of society demands that we must reconsider the relationship between man and nature. We must carefully reevaluate our experience of an industrial civilization which necessitated the sacrifice of our natural environment. We must find a new path, one which restores a sense of harmony and balance to our relationship with the natural world.

To me, Shanshui is a kind of emotions, about how oriental understand the world.

Here and there, you and me, are inseparable.

Qian Xuesen initiated “Shanshui City” concept in the 80’s, a new city model proposed based on Chinese “Shanshui” spirit. It encourages humans to return to nature after leaving it. I was inspired and try to elaborate the concept by combining urban density, functions and “Shanshui” artistic conception, to create a future city that takes human spirits and culture values as its core.

“Shanshui City” is not simply an eco-city, or a garden-city, nor does it imply modeling the city’s architecture on natural forms such as mountains. It represents humanity’s affinity for the natural world, and our quest for inner fulfillment, as expressed in philosophies of the East.

“Shanshui” is destined to the future.