Fish Tank
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Fish Tank

We are seeking
the living space for fish in the city,
And the conditions of human beings and the fish
have to be inverted:
The fish should dominate.
The space begins to split,
Cubic boxes have melted down.
The collapse of low quality cubic space
Marks the end of the machine era.

The surface
Keeps melting,
The inner and the outer meet in obscurity.
Outer surface of the tube, inner surface of the water,
The fish frolics
On more outer surfaces,
And in more intricate space.
The space saturation keeps increasing.

Air and water change roles,
Concept of inner and outer blurs.
It is all like the internet world,
Which is more open,
Where there are more hopes.
Limitation to the vindication of right is softened.

Contradiction with square boxes
does not signify we are against the mainstream culture,
The civilian own the ideal of mainstream culture,
They deserve more attentions
and independence.

Size : 300(L) x 300(W) x 400(H)(mm)