Contemplating the Void in Guggenheim
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Contemplating the Void in Guggenheim

The very heart of the Guggenheim New York museum, the spiraling rotunda intercepts the space between the human and the divine. The delicately glazed domed roof transforms the natural light into distilled radiance, allowing the visitors to feel the distance from the mystical, and reverence to the sublime. Wright designed the continuous ramp to encourage visitors to ascend, to become closer to the light with each step; inevitably, however, one meets glass at the end of the ramp. The anti-climactic ending to this experience seems to hint at future possibilities.

In State Fair Guggenheim, the glazed ceiling of the domed roof will be replaced by a giant translucent balloon that floats along the boundary between interior and exterior. It is a floating platform where people can reconnect with nature, sky, and city. The proposal completes the dream of the museum: to bridge art, the city and nature, with a connection that is both light and borderless. In this displaced space, neither here nor there, the visitor can find renewed perspective on the artwork below, the world beyond.

Location : New York, USA
Type : Exhibition, Artwork
Time : 2009