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KBH Kunsthal

Copenhagen Central Station is the largest railway station in Denmark. The tracks are left exposed just where the trains exit the station before tunneling back underground, in effect creating an urban void. This is wasted space, inaccessible to the public, a hole in the centre of the city.

MAD proposes to transform this void into a new public space. The hole will be covered, but a series of sculptural organic openings will be carved into the new surface so as to assure enough light and air reach the ground level below. This new space will become an attractive, intricate public space, open to use as an art park or outdoor gallery space for Copenhagen.

In addition, each opening thickens to become an inhabitable space. The walls are hollow, translucent structures that form different sized rooms and spaces, depending on the thickness of wall at any given point. Different-sized spaces can thus be used for different functions: restaurants, gallery spaces, cafes, public toilets.

The redundant space becomes something useful, interesting and beautiful. It is a closed void with organic openings. It is an open plaza with enclosed spaces.

Location : Copenhagen, Denmark
Type : Urban intervention
Time : 2007