MAD Architects’ Xinhee Research & Design Center Featured on Curbed

Curbed recently put out an exclusive feature on MAD's newly released Xinhee Research & Design Center. The article emphasizes on today's office designs and organic styles in architecture. Calling Ma's signature style as strikingly organic and how his designs all "tell a story".

Xinhee Research & Design Center situated in Xiamen is currently under construction and nearing its completion. Comissioned by Chinese retail company Xinhee, this new design is the hybrid between traditional and modern elements. The article further elaborates on the design and philosphy behind the building, how it's made a seamless connection to nature and the evolution of office designs in China.

xinhee ps

For full article please visit: http://www.curbed.com/2016/10/5/13180586/office-space-design-ma-yansong-china